By Adam Young

Standing on the range, I look across and see a row of golfers working on ‘perfecting’ their backswing positions. This is very typical – golf seems to be one of the strangest sports, in that, we see the ability of a golfer only in terms of technique.

But, what if there was something unseen which made a golfer better or worse?

What if working on technique inhibited this?

I am not anti-technical; it would be pretty hard to be a coach and not have a deep understanding of how movement affects quality of play. However, I see way too many golfers put too much stock in the movement alone. Often, players are working on something that is completely irrelevant (such as trying to control the minutiae of their takeaway), and often I see players working on things that can be detrimental to their game, such as trying to “keep their head down”.

Right place, Right time

Not only should we seek correct and relevant technical advice from a professional coach, but we should look to do the technical stuff…

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