by Jaacob Bowden

Today I started up my swing speed training for the 2008 long drive season.

Even though I haven’t trained since the season ended last October and I also lost about 10 lbs from being sick in March, my speeds are actually pretty similar to the starting point from last season.

Here are a few numbers:

2006 Starting Point – 118 mph (48″ driver)
2006 Peak Speed after Training – 144 mph (48″ driver)

2007 Starting Point – low 130’s (48″ driver)
2007 Peak Speed after Training – 155 mph (48″ driver)

2008 Starting Point – 127 mph (44″ driver)

Since my body isn’t used to the training, I’m actually starting out with something really similar to the Basic Program. After a couple weeks of this I will add some of the additional things in from my previous 2006 and 2007 advanced training programs.

Starting up my training again has reminded me of a couple things that I want to pass on to you. While pushing my speed in this first day today, my shots were a bit errant and I was borderline out of balance while swinging. When you are doing your training, really focus on staying in balance and keeping your good swing fundamentals (you don’t want to build unusable speed).  Also, expect that during the first bit of training you may not hit quite as well as normal.  But trust me, based on my previous training experience, as you continue your training your muscular system, neuromuscular system, etc will all adjust to the new speeds.  Your body will learn the balance and coordination necessary for swinging at faster speeds…and in fact, after a few weeks you will likely be swinging better than before you started because of the attention and focus you have put on to ramping up your swing.

So be patient, hang in there, and remember to focus on making good tension-free training swings!

I am, of course, tracking my training again this year.  As the season progresses, I will post a new summary section on the inside of the website to detail and summarize everything  This will be a good complement to the sections about the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

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