With David MacKenzie

Swing Man Golf Monthly Handicap Improver Golfer Question:

How do I stay focused for 18 holes?

It is not always the same holes, but when I lose focus it seems to take me a hole or two to get back into the game. There are too many distracting thoughts in my brain clearly.

David’s Answer:

We only have so much mental energy before losing focus, so conserve it in between shots!

Being able to switch off your “golf brain” and keep your mind quiet is a skill that we can improve with every round. In fact, it’s one thing you should measure the success of your rounds by. This will keep you fresh to focus on your shots.

So instead of trying to predict your future score, thinking about how well you’re playing or your 3-putt on the previous hole, develop the skill of staying present or distracting yourself with something comforting. Staying more present can be achieved by focusing on your breathing, paying attention to your surroundings (the trees, the sky, the golf course, etc).

If staying present is a challenge, try thinking about…

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