By Jaacob Bowden

In the Beginning

When I was in my 20s I was a 14-handicapper, I would hit wedges about 100 yards, and I was pleased to hit drives at the driving range past the 225-yard marker.  By all means, I was just a very average golfer.

When I decided to pursue a golf career at age 27, I was taken under the wing of Dan Shauger and Dan’s friend Mike Austin, the man who at age 64 hit a Guinness World Record 515-yard drive in the 1974 US National Senior Open.

Through my work with Dan, my technique improved greatly and I started striking the ball closer to the middle of the face much more regularly. I was custom fit in to a set of golf clubs that further optimized my driving distance. Between these two things and the additional practice, I started hitting the ball very long. In fact, I started to get so long that I won the 2003 Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a 381-yard televised drive besting a field of over 120 golfers and beating out future RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion Dan Boever in the finals. I also advanced to the District Finals of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship qualifying.

With my technique in a good place and my driver optimized for distance, I wanted to know how I could hit the ball even further. I searched the Internet for how to increase my club head speed, but anything I found revolved around having good technique. I also poured through information on golf fitness, but just because you are fit doesn’t mean you will be fast. There wasn’t…

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