By Adam Young

When I first started coaching, I thought I was great.

I was lucky enough to figure out a few things very early on which gave amazing results instantly. Most of these things I still use today. I could tell a player “Just do X” and it would have an immediate positive effect on their strike and dispersion.

Due to this ability, I would get a lot of repeat customers – a player would come in with an issue, and I would correct it for them and they would go off happy.

However, I always want to get better as a coach. Due to this, I often critique myself and the lessons I give, simply to look for areas of improvement. This led me to the realization that, although I was making players better in front of me, it wasn’t long lasting enough.

We are variable

As humans, we change from day to day. Our biology simply wont allow consistency, hence why we even see top professionals go off the boil occasionally. The more I researched into motor learning, the more I saw this was the case.

What I also realized was that, although players were getting better, it was ME who was creating the change. I was able to do this…

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