By Paul Myers

One of the beautiful things about the game of golf is the never ending quest for improvement of your golf scoring. Currently a 20 handicap? You may want to get to 15. Currently a 2? You may want to get down to scratch. Some golfers are rarely, if ever, satisfied with their games and their golf scoring. That can make golf frustrating, but also keeps it interesting year after year. No golfer as of yet is playing “perfect”, so there are still adjustments and improvements to be made.

During the course of your golf journey, you may come to a point where you feel like you are stuck with your golf scoring. No matter what you try, you just can’t seem to move your handicap down or post scores that are any better than what you are used to. When you need to break through one of these mental barriers, it can be helpful to take a new look at a few areas of your game. Use the three tips below to hopefully take your golf game and golf scoring to a level never before seen.

Flip Your Strategy

A fresh approach to the golf course can open your eyes and present you with opportunities that you didn’t know were out there for you to score. If you are normally a conservative golfer, try hitting your driver more often and see if you can save a few shots by having shorter approaches. If you are usually aggressive, hit more irons off the tees and make sure you keep your ball in play more often than not. You don’t have to change your strategy for good – just a few rounds on your trouble holes playing the other way could be enough to shake you out of your funk and to bring your golf scoring to the next level.

Commit to Your Short Game

Next time you practice, leave your long clubs at home and just work on chipping and putting for the duration of your practice session. If you want to lower your scores, being skilled with the short clubs can help will lead you to your goals. Give them your undivided attention for a few practice sessions in a row and see what kind of returns that provides you on the course. You may likely be pleasantly surprised at how well your swing holds up even when you don’t practice it for a week or two, and your short game might be more comfortable and confident than ever before, bringing an improvement of your golf scoring.

Enter a Competition

This could just be a way to force yourself to get better. Play in a tournament or two, even if you aren’t as good as the competition and don’t stand a chance of winning. The experience in a tournament can quickly show you what areas of your game are holding you back, and which ones can hold up under pressure. Once the tournaments are over, look back and see where you needed to improve to score better. Where were the holes in your game? Then, it is just a matter of getting to work on those weak areas and improving them until they become a strength. All it may take is sharpening up a couple of your weak areas in order to reach the next step in your golf scoring potential.

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