By Paul Myers

There are a great number of TaylorMade JetSpeed drivers, so many players can find the one that suits them just right. Some of the TaylorMade drivers have been aimed at better players looking to improve their distance and control, while others are aimed at less-experienced golfers who simply need forgiveness along with maximum distance. The JetSpeed driver lands somewhere in between the two extremes and possesses elements that could appeal to all golfers. Unlike many other drivers in TaylorMade’s lineup, the JetSpeed is not one with moveable weights – the only adjustments to be made on this club come in the variable hosel design.

Forgive the Low Miss

So what it is that makes the JetSpeed unique? To start, the ‘Speed Pocket’ technology that TaylorMade has used in this club is the first time they have tried this design element in a driver. Basically, there is a ‘pocket’ behind the club face near the bottom of the club which is designed to improve the performance of the driver on shots that are hit low on the face. This is a common miss for some, especially among amateur golfers, so it is a great idea to try and help the result of the shot when hit down near the bottom of the club face.

Additionally, TaylorMade has increased the virtual size of the sweet spot on this driver to give you a better chance of catching all of it and maximizing your distance. It will still be up to you to make a quality swing, but this club can be capable of rewarding you even if you miss the center of the club face just slightly. With the variable hosel, you can adjust the loft of the club 1.5* in either direction, so you can customize the ball flight to fit either your swing or the conditions of the golf course that day.

As with all TaylorMade drivers, the look of this club is beautiful at address and can make it easy for you to focus on the ball. The crown graphics are modern yet subtle at the same time, to make it unlikely that they will be objectionable to you when you put the club down behind the ball and prepare to hit a shot.

Keep the Spin Down

The other performance feature that will make the JetSpeed driver so attractive to a wide range of players is the lower spin rates that it is capable of producing. Some drivers that employ all of the new technologies and materials available end up generating a high spin rate, which can cost control and distance when not used correctly. The design of the JetSpeed head is meant to help you keep the spin rate down and your drives boring through the air right down the fairway.

Is the JetSpeed the right driver for you? Well, of course, that is a question only you can answer. It is, like all of TaylorMade’s offerings, a quality driver that is worthy of a second look. If you can locate one at a golf shop near you, find out if you can test it out either on the driving range or out on the course. It shouldn’t take more than a few swings to get a good idea of whether or not the JetSpeed can provide you with the ball flight and distance you have been looking for.

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