By Adam Young

A recently posed a question on Twitter which led to some interesting insights.

I stated that, as a golfer, if I went for a lesson and a pro asked me to “do X”, I would be able to “do X” to a pretty reasonable degree instantly – even with a ball there.

We all know (having changed things in your own swing) that changing without a ball is easy, but add the ball and we go straight back to the old things.

My Twitter question was – what is it about ME that allows me to make the change happen with a ball – yet most other golfers revert back to old patterns?

The Answer

The answer is multi-factorial, and may be different for different players/personalities. However, I can hazard a good guess as to why average golfers struggle to change their swings.

Why? Because I have been BOTH players.

I have been the player who can’t seem to make that change – and I am now a player who can change in the blink of an eye.

The defining factor for me is…

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