By Geoff Mangum

Here’s a tip that helps you tune your touch in to the green speed. I call it the “core” putt because it comes from the center of your manner of relating to the world, and that’s what you need to get in touch with to activate your touch on the green.

The Theory

The idea of the core putt is simple.

The biggest problem in finding your touch is that your body’s speed is out of synch with the speed your putting gives to the ball, so you don’t get the results you wanted and expected.

The answer is not simply to slow down, but to slow down in harmony with the speed of the green. Then you have much better control of the speed of your putts, regardless of distance.

But every putt is different, isn’t it — especially putts of different lengths? So every putt will have a different speed no matter what the playing condition of the green, right?

No, not when you recognize your core putt. It’s always there, waiting for you, like a Swiss watch with its exquisite timing mechanisms. Every putt has the same tempo and total timing regardless of distance, and the trick is to tune your personal tempo in to the specific green and its playing conditions.

Everyone has their own core putt, just the way everyone has a characteristic gait and personality type. You’ve heard golf psychologists say before that golfers ought to work with and not against their basic personality type in terms of fast swings or leisurely swings.

Well, this really isn’t the case with putting. There’s only one way to have great touch: slow down, partner!

How It Works

To make your core putt, you need to…

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