By Paul Myers

With some pro golfers, their power is something of a surprise. There are plenty of smaller players who are unable to uncork long drives, and it can be amazing to see them generate such force from a small frame. With Dustin Johnson, however, there is nothing surprising about his power at all. Just to look at Dustin Johnson, you can see that he is an impressive athlete, and you probably aren’t caught off guard at all when he launches a huge drive down the middle of the fairway. If there is such a thing as easy power in golf, Johnson has plenty of it.

When talking about the Dustin Johnson swing, it is important to note that he isn’t all power and no skill. In fact, he is a very talented all-around player with 10 professional wins to his credit. He has come extremely close to major championship titles on a couple of occasions, and it seems inevitable to many people that he will take home one or more before his career is over.

However, this article is about his power. The swing speed and driving distance numbers that Johnson has posted during his career are nothing short of amazing, and are possible a part of why he is one of the most popular players on the PGA Tour.

Consistently Near the Top

When looking at the swing speed statistics from the PGA Tour, you don’t have to scroll far to find Dustin Johnson’s name among the leaders. So far in the 2014 season, Johnson is averaging 121.93 MPH over 26 measured drivers. His fastest recorded speed is 123.94 MPH, with the slowest measured speed still registering at 119.44.

Looking back, Johnson has made a habit of being toward the top of this list. Since the 2008 season, his first on Tour, Johnson has been in the top 10 every season – usually within the top three. It isn’t a surprise, then, to learn that Johnson also finds himself near the top of the driving distance statistic on a regular basis as well. So far in 2014, Johnson is ranked second on tour in average driving distance, only behind Bubba Watson. Johnson’s average? A ridiculous 310.3 yards.

How Does He Do It?

Watching Dustin Johnson swing the golf club, many people are immediately struck by how wide his golf swing is. Johnson stands 6’4’’, and he uses all of that frame to create a wide swing that rapidly gains speed as it comes down into the hitting area. Also, he swings the driver confidently, with no noticeable ‘hang on’ through impact. He is committed to smashing his drives, and he does just that.

He also plays with a rather strong left-hand grip, which can aid him to create even more speed at the bottom of the swing. While the power that he generates is impressive, perhaps even more impressive is the control he is able to have over the ball at such high speeds. It takes more than raw power to have the kind of success Johnson has had on the Tour so far, and that is a tribute to his overall skill on the golf course from tee to green.

Where He Goes From Here

It’s hard to imagine anything but success in the future for Dustin Johnson in his golf career. Only 29 years old, Johnson already has a great number of accomplishments under his belt and still should have many great seasons ahead of him. Not many in the golf world will be surprised if Johnson is able to capture his first major title within the next year or two. While he has a great overall game, his amazing power is sure to be a big part of any future titles that he is to secure.

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