By Adam Young

Very few things can have such a positive impact on a golfer’s game as an improvement in ground contact.

While almost every amateur golfer I see is contacting the ground in a poor location (mostly behind the ball), the professionals are consistently striking the ball, followed by the turf (with shots where the ball is resting on the ground).

This is the key to:

  • More accuracy (due to clubhead deflection from the turf)
  • More consistent distances
  • Longer shots

Consistency myth

While many amateurs believe they are not making a consistent movement, this is due to what they see with the (inconsistent) results. However, the movement pattern a player is making is usually highly consistent.

Take, for example, an average 16 handicapper. They may be first contacting the ground between 2 and 4 inches behind the ball – variance of 2 inches. Similarly, a professional golfer…

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