By Tom Wishon

With so much emphasis being placed on proper fitting of drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons, far too many golfers forget about proper fitting of the one club that has the most influence over your score…the putter.

Putter fitting is far more than just trying different models of putters and choosing the one with which you make more putts on the day you go shopping. If you get these five putter fitting parameters properly fit to you and your manner of putting, you will definitely have a real chance of lowering your score.

  1. Putter Length

Find your most comfortable posture over the ball.  Bend from the waist to the point you experience no discomfort in your back, but your eyes are directly over the golf ball.  While remaining in this posture let your arms hang down relaxed.  Gently bring your arms together to touch your wrists.  The distance from your wrists to the golf ball is your proper putter length to allow you to maintain comfort and a relaxed arm stroke when putting.

  1. Putter Lie Angle

Plain and simple, when…

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