By Geoff Mangum

The X is about putts that do not aim outside the cup. The vertical alignment of the X is on the fall line thru the cup. The X establishes a pattern for which “leaves” are easy.

Putts within a half meter of the cup are never a problem since the golfer can get the ball inside the cup before enough break can develop, even if it takes peppery pace to accomplish when the slope is steep. So, at a half meter, no problem-o! For all half-meter putts, there is no X and there is just a circle so that all putts inside the circle aim inside the cup.

The X is for putts outside a half-meter, and describes uphill or downhill putts that have aim lines that are never outside the cup. The 2% slope’s X is shown above for out to 1 meter. Side hill putts left or right of the X aim outside the cup after half a meter.

To establish the X, the aim target above the cup for a 1-meter putt is pinpointed on the fall line (for a 2% slope, this is about 3.3″ or 8.33 cm…

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