By Swing Man Golf Staff

Based on the popularity of last year’s rankings, we once again looked at over 600 potential teachers and are pleased to bring you the list of the                                                                      “2016 Top 100 Most Popular Teachers in the World”.


The UK’s Mark Crossfield retained his #1 ranking.


Swing Man Golf’s Jaacob Bowden, Geoff Mangum, and Adam Young made the Top 100.


Me and My Golf’s Andy Proudman and Piers Ward…and Golf Channel’s Michael Breed and Martin Hall were Top 100.


Revolution Golf also represented well with Martin Chuck, Sean Foley, Jim McLean, Dave Pelz, and Andrew Rice each making the Top 100.


Congratulations to all those that made the list!

Ties are listed in descending alphabetical order of the countdown.
100th Gary Wiren
100th Randy Smith
100th Ted Sheftic
100th Justin Sheehan
100th Scott Sackett
100th Brady Riggs
100th Andy Plummer
100th Karen Palacios-Jansen
100th Cindy Miller
100th Don Law
100th Charlie King
100th Roger Gunn
100th Eden Foster
100th Krista Dunton
100th Michael Brisbane
84th Matt Trimble
84th Jim Suttie
84th Tom Stickney
84th Mitchell Spearman
84th Dale Lynch
84th James Leitz
84th Brian Lackey
84th Jack Kuykendall
84th Darrell Kestner
84th Michael Jacobs
84th Michael Hebron
84th Bob Ford
84th Marius Filmalter
84th Chuck Evans
84th Jeff Coston
84th Jaacob Bowden
75th DJ Watts
75th Jim Waldron
75th Kellie Stenzel
75th Erika Larkin
75th Derek Hooper
75th Jamie Fischer
75th Dana Dahlquist
75th Brad Brewer
75th Nick Bradley
64th Shaun Webb
64th Don Trahan
64th Fred Shoemaker
64th Phil Rodgers
64th Chuck Quinton
64th Chris O’Connell
64th Brian Mogg
64th Eddie Merrins
64th Joseph Mayo
64th Bob May
64th Geoff Mangum
59th Adam Young
59th Maggie Noel
59th Michael Michaelides
59th Gregg Mchatton
59th Dalton McCrary
54th Josh Zander
54th Gabriel Writer
54th Jeff Ritter
54th David Orr
54th Gary Gilchrist
48th Suzy Whaley
48th Piers Ward
48th Pia Nilsson
48th Claude Harmon III
48th Bill Harmon
48th Chuck Cook
41st Grant Waite
41st Rick Smith
41st Andy Proudman
41st Darrell Klassen
41st Scott Hamilton
41st Mark Blackburn
41st Mike Adams
40th Bob Toski
33rd Stan Utley
33rd James Sieckmann
33rd Mac O’Grady
33rd Brian Manzella
33rd Mike Malaska
33rd Wayne Defrancesco
33rd Pete Cowen
31st Jim Hardy
31st Zach Allen
24th Doug Tewell
24th Andrew Rice
24th Meredith Kirk
24th Manuel De La Torre
24th Bobby Clampett
24th Martin Chuck
24th Jimmy Ballard
21st Cameron McCormick
21st Peter Kostis
21st Debbie Doniger
20th Kelvin Miyahira
13th Monte Scheinblum
13th Dave Pelz
13th Jim McLean
13th Todd Jones
13th Todd Graves
13th Shawn Clement
13th Mike Bender
11th Dave Stockton
11th Michael Breed
8th Martin Hall
8th Travis Fulton
8th Todd Anderson
7th Chris Como
4th Paul Wilson
4th David Leadbetter
4th Sean Foley
2nd Butch Harmon
2nd Hank Haney
1st Mark Crossfield


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