By Paul Myers:
Hybrid clubs are relatively new to the game of golf, but they have made quite an impact in a short period of time. Today, you will find at least one hybrid club in the bag of just about every golfer, including some the best players in the world. Hybrid clubs are popular because they are easy to hit, offer a nice combination of distance and control, and can replace the notoriously challenging long irons. If you have never tried a hybrid club, now is the time to test one out for yourself.

As the name would indicate, hybrid clubs are a cross between fairway woods and long irons. Since elements of both of those clubs are present within a hybrid, you need to know exactly how to tailor your swing in order to get optimal performance. Following are three keys that you can put to use in your hybrid swing.

Key #1 – Hit Down Through the Ball

In terms of your angle of attack into the ball, you want to treat a hybrid club more like an iron than a fairway wood. Hybrids have lie angles that are similar to long irons, meaning you will want to hit down through the ball aggressively at impact. While you don’t need to take a divot when swinging a hybrid, you should at least feel the club bump into the ground as you hit the shot. By hitting down, you should be able to achieve a nice launch angle that will get the ball up into the air while offering maximum carry distance.

Key #2 – Make a Long Swing

If you allow your swing to get short when hitting a hybrid, you will not have enough time to load up the shaft and rip through the ball at the bottom of the swing. In this way, you want to treat the hybrid more like a driver or fairway wood. Keep your swing long and your tempo fluid when hitting any of your hybrid clubs. There should be no rush in your swing at all – take your time in the backswing as well as the downswing, and let the club do the work for you.

Key #3 – Adjust Ball Position in the Rough

One of the great advantages that hybrids offer over long irons is the ease with which you can hit them from the rough. However, if you don’t adjust your ball position properly, your results from the rough are going to be disappointing. Move the ball back closer to the middle of your stance when playing from the rough so you can hit down sharply on the back of the ball. If you keep the ball up toward your front foot, the grass will slow down your club head and you may even miss-hit the shot.

Hybrids are a great option for almost every golfer. From accomplished players to total beginners, there is plenty to like about hitting hybrid clubs off the tee or from the fairway. Learn how to better use your hybrids by putting the three tips above in to action.