By Paul Myers

Each different club manufacturer has carved out their out niche and style within the market, and Titleist is certainly known for the quality, classic design, and tradition of their clubs. Most Titleist clubs are instantly recognizable, as they usually shy away from the loud colors and unusual shapes that other companies have gone for in recent years. Titleist players tend to be very loyal to their brand as they appreciate the look and feel that these fine clubs have to offer.

One of the latest drivers to be offered up is the Titleist 913 D3, and it certainly doesn’t deviate far from the traditional looks that they have presented in previous versions. While it is true that there are some new technological features in this club that you wouldn’t have found in a Titleist driver a decade ago, the look of the club remains true to its roots. Golfers who have always had a place in their bags for Titleist sticks won’t be disappointed in the appearance of this version.

A Familiar Shape

The shape of Titleist driver heads is something that many golfers could recognize from afar, and they should be able to do just the same with this one as well. As you look down from address, there is no question that you are holding a Titleist driver, and that feeling alone can help to inspire confidence in some players.

The Titleist 913 D3 is available for both right and left handed golfers, and is offered in four different lofts – 7.5*, 8.5*, 9.5*, and 10.5*. The standard graphite shaft is available in regular, stiff, and x-stiff based on your needs and preferences. Just by picking out the right loft and shaft flex for your swing, you will already be well on your way to impressive drives in your very first round with the 913 D3. By using the customization features that the club offers, you will be able to fine tune your results even more.

The SureFit Tour Hosel

There are a number of drivers on the market today that offer adjustability through the hosel of the club, and the Titleist 913 D3 is no different. There are two different adjustments that can be made to the club –

  • Ball flight. You can move the settings to higher or lower ball flights depending on what you are looking for. There are four different settings to choose from, so you can experiment with them all on the range to see what results you get, and which one is best suited to your swing.
  • Shape. Do you want more draw? More fade? There is also customization available for those settings as well. Four more settings are possible moving from draw to fade, so you can try to establish just the right shape that you have been looking for, or even set it before the round specifically for the course you are going to play.

With four ball flight settings and four shape settings, sixteen total combinations are possible. It might take a few rounds to dial it in just how you like it, but having this flexibility in your driver is a nice advantage.

It is a pretty safe bet that long-time Titleist users will jump right on board with the Titleist 913 D3 because it is not a far departure from other models in their past. However, it is worth trying out even if you are happy with your current Titleist model because it has taken some steps forward in technology and might be able to offer you ball flights not currently found with the driver that is in your bag.

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