By Paul Myers

Unfortunately, some of the long hitters that come along in the game of golf only have that one trick. Sure, they can blast the ball incredible distances off the tee, but relatively speaking, the rest of their game leaves something to be desired. Without a well-rounded game from the tee through the green, even the longest hitter may not last long on any professional tour.

That is what can make it so exciting to watch the growth and development of young professional Tony Finau. While Finau can certainly blast it with the best of them – he is averaging well over 300 yards per drive early in the ’14-’15 PGA Tour season – he has plenty of game around the rest of the course to go with it. For proof of that, look no farther than his sub-70 scoring average on the young season, or the fact that he playing on the PGA Tour at just 25 years old. With two top ten finishes in the first five events of the season, it seems obvious that Finau will be a player to watch in the years to come.

Watch Out Par Fives

As you might expect from someone with the impressive power that Finau possesses, par fives don’t stand much of a chance when he steps to the tee. Incredibly, he is making birdie on more than 50% of the par fives he has played thus far. Success on the professional tours is largely determined by the damage that a player can do on the par fives, and Finau is off to a great start. As long as he can continue to dominate the par fives throughout the Tour season, he could have a big advantage of much of the field.

Massive distance isn’t a requirement to compete on the PGA Tour, but it sure does help. Tony Finau is an exciting young player because he offers a combination of power and skill around the rest of the course that isn’t commonly seen. Should he continue to develop the rest of his game as well as he has developed his 123 MPH club head speed, there could be great things ahead.

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