By Adam Young

One of the main issues golfers struggle with is the ability to transfer what they can do on the range to what they do on the course.

Even Tiger Woods himself is struggling with this right now, with reports of him striking it better than ever on the range, yet unable to post a decent score in live play.

Obviously, if you can hit the shots on the range, technique is not necessarily the issue. It is more a problem of accessing the technique you own.

A motor program is like a math problem; if someone asked you the same question over and over again, the first time it may take some time to work out. Yet the very next time they ask you the same question, you will answer straight away. It may appear that you are performing well as you are giving the right answer, but you are not actually learning how to calculate.

Similarly, a golf shot requires us to go through certain calculations.

  • Distance
  • Wind effect
  • Lie effect
  • Risk/reward

Then we have to go through the process of accessing the swing we desire.

For those reasons, we also need to practice to improve our ability to access our best movement patterns. Beating balls from the same place to the same target is just like someone asking the same math question to us.

So how can we tweak…

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