Age:                           26
Height:                     6′ 4”
Weight:                    220 lbs

Driver Specs:

Krank 2-degree with a Fujikira XXX stiff shaft


Krank, Dogleg Belts, Switch Grips

Special Accomplishments:

  • 4-time World Long Drive Championship competitor
  • 2014 Mile High Shootout Champion
  • 2013 Top 16 at the World Championships after only competing for 6 weeks

What is your longest drive in competition?

462 yards

What were the conditions of the drive?

10-15 mph right to left helping

What are the fastest swing speeds you’ve recorded on a Swing Speed Radar and/or Trackman?

156 mph last year before I broke my wrist

What lead you to choose your particular equipment specifications?

Krank is by far the best head on the market and Fujikura makes an excellent shaft

Do you favor a particular shot shape to hit it long?

I usually hit a high draw naturally but I can flight it down or cut it as well when needed. I always play for the current conditions.

Do you do any type of training to drive it further?

I am a TPI certified power coach and golf fitness instructor and have many workouts to help develop speed.

Is there any particular bit of advice you would give the regular amateur for him or her to hit the ball longer?

Put the ball up in your stance and make sure to hit the ball on the upswing. 9 out of 10 people I give lessons to hit…

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