By Paul Myers

Most likely, your golf driver is the most expensive club in your bag. With that, you want to get as much possible use out of the club as possible. Of course, you are already hitting it off the tee ten or more times per round, but are there other things you can use the driver for? While it might not be the most versatile club around, the golf driver doesn’t have to be relegated to just tee shot duty. If you get a little creative, and think outside the box, you can find other ways to use your driver to great effect on other shots.

Off the Deck

This is the most common place you see the golf driver used, other than off the tee. If you are trying to reach a par five hole in two shots, but your three wood won’t quite be enough to reach the green, consider trying to hit your driver right off the fairway. While this can be an effective strategy, it is also a little tricky to pull off correctly. Before you try it, go through the following checklist –

  • Do you have a good lie? You will probably need to have a good lie in the fairway or be propped up in the rough if you are going to execute the shot successfully.
  • Do you have room to run the ball up? Even though you could hit this shot a considerable distance, a lot of that distance will be on the ground when the ball is running up the fairway. Make sure the design of the hole allows for you to run it up at the green.
  • Have you practiced it? Like any other shot, it’s better to work on this play on the practice tee before you break it out on the course.

Put in a little time on the driving range to work on this specialty shot, and it could come in handy later on.

Bump and Run

There is no rule saying that your golf driver has to be used only on long shots. In fact, in certain situations around the green, it can be a good choice for a little bump and run shot. If you find your ball lying in light grass just a few feet off the edge of the green, with no deep grass between you and the target, consider using your driver for the shot. You can grip the club like you would your putter, and take it simply back and through like a putt to get the ball running toward the hole.

The advantage of using your golf driver in this scenario is that it is unlikely to get stuck in the grass like your wedge might. You should be able to just brush the club through the grass and pop the ball out with ease. Thanks to the size of the club head on your golf driver, it shouldn’t take much effort to get a considerable roll. Of course, you should practice this shot prior to using it during it a round.

These are just a couple of the potential uses you may find for your driver around the course. Keep your mind open and look for opportunities when the golf driver just might be the perfect tool for the task at hand.

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