By Paul Myers

Windy conditions can be tough for even the best golfers, but they can be conquered if you have the right approach to golf power and understand how to deal with the challenge. After a while, you might start to enjoy playing in the wind because of the unique shots that it requires you to hit and the way the course can change throughout your round. Depending on where you live and what courses you usually play, dealing with the wind might just be a part of playing the game and improving your golf power. For others, it is a rare challenge that can catch them off guard if they don’t know how to deal with it.

You Can’t Overpower Mother Nature

Many golfer’s hopes of a good round have been destroyed by trying to overpower the wind and losing the battle. Make no mistake about it – you aren’t going to use your golf power to whip the wind, so don’t even try. A successful way to deal with the wind is to work with it, and only hit the shots that it is allowing you to hit. By stubbornly trying to hit through the wind, using all your golf power and thinking that you can hit your shots hard enough to beat the wind, you can be asking for trouble.

That doesn’t mean you can hit full, powerful shots when conditions are windy, but it’s good to know when the time is right. Downwind tee shot on a long par five? Go ahead, use your golf power and unleash your driver – you just might be able to reach the green in two shots when you would normally be well short without the wind assistance. Into the wind on a short par four? Be smart where you hit your tee shot so you can get it close for a birdie try.

Cross Winds are Trouble

Many golfers worry about the holes that play into the wind, but those aren’t so scary once you get the hang of it. By simply hitting extra club, using your golf power wisely and flighting the ball lower to the ground, you can still hit good shots when the wind is coming right into your face.

The shot some don’t want to have to deal with is the cross wind. Hitting shots with the wind blowing hard from either the right or left is a challenge that can stress out even a professional golfer. When you face this scenario, you definitely don’t want to try to overpower the hole. The harder you swing, the higher the ball is likely to go up into the air, and the more it will be affected by the wind. Rather, you might stick to the game plan of hitting controlled, lower shots and try to limit how much the wind moves the ball around. Also, consider taking a slightly wider stance to provide yourself with a more-secure base so the wind doesn’t knock you off balance.

Don’t put your clubs away for the day just because the wind has started to blow. Instead, learn how to deal with the conditions, use your golf power wisely and embrace the challenge. Not only is it possible to play good golf in the wind, it can also make you a better overall golfer by forcing you to learn and try new shots you have never tried before.

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