By Paul Myers

As more and more golfers use hybrid clubs instead of their 2 and 3 irons, many players have the 4 iron as their longest iron in the bag. If that sounds like your current setup, you will probably want to make sure you understand everything you can do with your 4 iron – including how far you can hit it. Knowing your 4 iron distance accurately can be important because it allows you to pick the right club at the right time and hit quality shots from long distances. The good news is that, for most golfers, the 4 iron is typically easier to hit than the 2 or 3 irons. With some practice and basic fundamentals, your 4 iron can be one of the most useful clubs in your bag.

4 Iron Distance Needs to Be Consistent

With any club in your golf bag, including the 4 iron, one important element is consistency from shot to shot. When you are able to dial in your distance within a few yards either direction, it can become much easier to pick which club to hit on which shot. If you are a player who averages right around 90 MPH swing speed with your driver, you can expect to hit your 4 iron right around 163 yards. Of course, your personal distance will vary slightly based on a number of factors. However, that 163 yard estimate for a player with a 90 MPH driver swing speed is a good place to start.

Learn the Knock Down Shot

When the wind comes up on the golf course, it can help to be prepared with some shots that you can hit to counteract the effects of the wind. Your 4 iron can be a great asset in this situation. Practicing a ‘knock down’ shot – a low shot that is meant to fly under the wind – is time well spent on the practice range. You will want to only make a portion of your normal swing in order to hit a good knock down shot. While this kind of shot will never reach the full distance of your regular swing, total distance isn’t the goal. You probably just want to be able to hit the ball straight and avoid having the wind affect the ball too much while it’s in the air.

A lot of golfers have fallen into the trap of believing that they aren’t good enough to hit long irons – but that isn’t always true. A 4 iron is a club that can be easy enough for most golfers to hit, and it can provide plenty of benefits in terms of flexibility and distance from the fairway. Spend some time working with your 4 iron on the practice tee and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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