By Tom Wishon

Perhaps you have heard other golfers talk about it. Maybe you have experienced it in your golf clubs. Possibly you have had it before in a previous golf club but you can’t find it now.

The “ it “ to which I refer is golf club WEIGHT FEEL or rather, the sensation that when you swing your golf clubs, you have the perception that they either FEEL GOOD and are effortless to swing with good timing and tempo, or they don’t.

For those golfers who have picked up a golf club and uttered the comment, “wow, that feels good” after hitting a few shots, golf club “weight feel” is an element of equipment that can have a huge positive influence on every area of shot performance from clubhead speed to accuracy to on center hit performance. Conversely, when the golfer’s perception is the club “feels bad”, there is virtually no way the golfer can hit the club successfully.

So just what is “golf club weight feel”? Can we measure it? Is it strictly a qualitative …

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