By Tom Wishon

While I will be sure to explain this in enough detail so you know what to do for your game, the short answer to this question is…

“…at least an inch to inch and a half shorter than the drivers being displayed on the rack in golf shops.”

There’s an old adage in club fitting research that goes, “the longer the length, the lower the loft, the heavier the weight, the stiffer the shaft, the more difficult the club will be to hit consistently well.”

With the driver, you have two of these warnings in the club fitting credo working against you. The driver is the longest length club in your bag. It also happens to be the lowest loft club as well. So that right there means that from the get-go, golfers are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to finding a driver that offers the highest level of shot consistency, accuracy and distance that is possible for each golfer.

Not to worry…as there are several ways to use club fitting technology to put a driver in your bag that performs better and allows you to hit the tee ball more consistently well than you do now.

First thing first is the length.

Prior to the 1980s going all the way back into the early decades of the 20th century, the men’s standard driver length from every company in the game was 43” while women’s driver length was an inch shorter at 42”. Today, the average driver length for men is between 45-46”…and for women the average is at 44 to 44 ½”.

What happened over the past 30 years to cause…

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