By Adam Young

We often hear that a fade is more controllable, or a draw shot goes longer.

So, which one should we use when playing golf?

Should you have the luxury of being able to produce both shapes, I often do a simple test with my players. We pick a target on the range, then we proceed to hit several shots towards it with both shot shapes. We record the results, and then we can have a definitive answer.

I use Trackman on my lesson tee, as it allows me to look at the data much more in-depth. For example, I may look at the standard deviation value from the average shot pattern –as this allows me to see which shot is most consistent for the player.

Sometimes, we spot errors that we could make work. For example, I know that, personally, I tend to ‘over-curve’. When I am playing a draw shot, I will tend to miss more to the left, and vice versa.

As a result, I can use this information to guide my strategy. Should there be danger on the right hand side, I often aim at the right side of the green and draw away from danger. This is in stark contrast to what most people have read. As always, I see different patterns with different players.

I also see that, sometimes, a player may have…

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