By Paul Myers

Some golfers are always seeking out the latest and greatest clubs to add to their bag – and others won’t buy a new club even if their old one seems to be falling apart. While it is totally up to you how often you replace your driver, there are some signs that it might be time for a new one. If you ignore the signs, and do not consider to purchase a new golf driver and continue to play with your old driver, you are likely to see less-than-ideal results and may be holding yourself back from better play that could be waiting just around the corner.

So how do you know when it is the right time to start shopping for a new golf drivers? The following three signs are a good place to start.

Sign #1 – Inconsistent Ball Flight

While an inconsistent ball flight could be a sign of a problem within your swing, it could also be a sign that your driver is no longer the right club for you. Pay attention to how your irons are performing as compared to your driver. If you are getting a repeatable ball flight from your iron shots, but your driver is inconsistent, the shaft/head combo in the driver might not be a good match for your swing. It would be wise to take a club fitting session with a professional and try a variety of drivers to see what kind of ball flights are created. The chances are good that you will see a more-consistent pattern when you find a club that is perfectly suited to your swing. Then you can make a next step and purchase new golf drivers.

Sign #2 – Stress in the Club Face

If you start to see signs of stress on the club face of your driver, it might not have much useful life left. At the least, these stresses could lead to a loss of distance on your drives – at the worst, the club face could crack completely and leave the club totally useless. Before you have that happen to you in the middle of a round, get a new golf drivers into your bag and avoid the trouble. Signs of stress in the club face can be rather small at first, so take a close look and determine the current condition that you are playing with.

Sign #3 – Loss of Confidence

Sometimes, you can lose confidence in a particular club and it might not ever come back – even if your swing is in good condition. If you have a bad run with your driver over a period of a few rounds, you might not ever be able to stand over it with confidence again. When it gets to a point that you lack of confidence in the driver is starting to affect the rest of your game all around the course, the time might be right to shop around for a new club.

New golf drivers can be an expensive purchase, so don’t enter into this decision lightly. However, if you want to get the most from your game and feel like your driver is holding you back for one of the reasons above, change may be necessary.

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