By Tom Wishon

If this is a question you have asked yourself, first of all, don’t feel bad and do not think something is wrong with your game or your swing. If you find you hit your 3-wood or both the 3 and 5-woods as far or even farther than your driver, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Not by a longshot!

In fact, based on my many years of experience in clubfitting research, the majority of golfers find that they hit at least one of their fairway woods as far if not farther than they hit their driver.


And what can be done about it?

Let’s get something straight.

Hitting your 3-wood or 5-wood about the same distance or even a little longer than your driver is a very strong indication that your driver does not match to your Clubhead Speed and your Angle of Attack into the ball.  n short, you’re not using enough loft on your driver to optimize your clubhead speed and angle of attack into the most distance possible for YOUR swing (Note: clubhead speed is obvious whereas angle of attack is not). The A of A is the angle at which the clubhead travels on the downswing to hit the ball.   This can be Downward…

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