By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hi Jaacob

Got the Bodylastics bands (, what a great system!

Now which exercises do you want me to concentrate on to get speed? 

Best Regards and Toodaloo, Terry

Jaacob’s Answer:

Yeah, the bands are pretty nice, eh? I really like them.

As for exercises, as outlined on the “Basic Speed Training” member page, you can do the down swing isometrics with the bands using right hand only, left hand only, and both hands at the top of the back swing, half way down, and at impact. 1 or 2 sets a couple times per week is fine. Hold each for 8-10 seconds. Move up in resistance when possible to increase your golf swing strength.

Also, look at the “Weight Training” page too. You’ll get ideas for exercises there. The main thing is to make them as golf…

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