By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hi Jaacob,

I have seen and enjoyed some of your articles on distance.

I am in Minnesota and I got an Optishot simulator and am using it for training as well as fun.

I am trying to work on tempo.  A general feeling I have is that when I put a driver in my hand I end up swinging harder than without her clubs.  The Optishot measures clubhead speed and I tend to read about 92 which is consistent with what a pro has shown for me using a launch monitor.

I was wondering if you have any stats that would show expected clubhead speeds for other clubs if the driver tempo was maintained while swinging the shorter clubs.   I would think it would be a number that could be calculated based on the shorter lever being swung.

If I knew a PW should be 77 mph for example, that would help me determine if I was swinging relatively harder or softer compared to speeds realized in other clubs.

I hope this is understandable.  Any stats?



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Jaacob’s Answer:

If you swing a driver around 92 mph, I would expect you to be in this vicinity with each of your clubs:

  • Driver 92 mph
  • 3-Wood 87 mph
  • 5-Wood 84 mph
  • Hybrid (15-18*) 81 mph
  • 3-iron 80 mph
  • 4-iron 78 mph
  • 5-iron 77 mph
  • 6-iron 75 mph
  • 7-iron 73 mph
  • 8-iron 71 mph
  • 9-iron 69 mph
  • PW 68 mph

As an alternative, if you have a Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar, it has a tempo timer function on it. It measures…

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