By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:


My question is, what happens when I start swinging closer 115 mph? My ideal launch angle and spin rate will change and the loft I am playing will need to change with it right?


Jon M, 44 years old, 16 handicap, Arizona, 100 mph swing speed

Jaacob’s Answer:

Launch conditions do indeed change as your speed changes.

For 100 mph, I would put you between 12-15 and 1900-2500 depending on if you want max carry or max total distance. What you optimize for depends on various factors like the type of course you play. If the course(s) has a lot of dog legs, there is trouble to carry, you don’t the ball to run in to the rough, etc…you could go for carry. If you’ve got light rough, firm conditions, etc…you might do total distance.

At 115, for example, those numbers would be about 11-13 (slightly lower) and 1700-2400 (slightly less spin).

With more speed, launch and spin…

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