By David MacKenzie

MHI Golfer Question:

I often find myself trying to fix my swing after hitting a few bad shots during my warm-up. Panic sets in and I quickly start to fear a bad round. By the time I’m on the first tee I’m very anxious and feel like the ball could do anywhere.

How can I avoid this?

David’s Answer:

Great question!

First, a bad warm-up doesn’t mean you are going to play badly. I’ve worked with countless players who have struggled during their warm up and ended up scoring in the mid 60s.

Let’s take a look at the goals for the warm-up.

  1. To warm up your muscles.
  2. To be aware of tempo, tension and balance.
  3. To get your geometry right.

The one thing the range is NOT for before playing is giving yourself a lesson.

One thing that might help you is to limit the balls with to 2 or 3 max with each club. This means that it would …

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