By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

I just turned 28 two days ago, I have been golfing since about the age of 7 and I was watching the PGA TOUR this week and see a guy hit a 6 iron 193-195 yards. I hit my 6-iron probably about 165-170 if I go any further that is when I start slicing the ball. I was wondering if there was any way of telling me how these guys do this? Is it clubs or just working on getting the club head speed?

Jaacob’s Answer:

I haven’t seen your swing but club head speed is definitely a major factor in distance.

I actually do such a demonstration at clinics. I’ll make a full driver swing using the same exact swing technique and swing fundamentals at 75 mph, 90 mph, 105 mph, and 120 mph just to show people how much of a difference club head speed makes. The more speed you have the more distance, shot height, and spin goes up. Have a look at this chart…

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