By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:


I’m enjoying using the swing concepts of Dan Shauger (enjoyed you on the videos!

How does one hit the low, spinning pitch shot with this method?

With the “conventional” method of “leaning the shaft at impact” with a supinated left wrist I can hit this shot – but I want to keep the same thoughts/feels as in the Kill the Ball technique, the club “twirl” etc.

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Larry Korenman

Jaacob’s Answer:

From an impact and conditions standpoint, here’s some things that can help you get those low spinners:

  • a good tour-level ball
  • a clean club face
  • an impact strike below the sweet spot of the club (this creates vertical gear effect and cause the club face to de-loft and add spin) – to keep this simple, just pick or sweep the ball (use Dr. Scholl’s Foot Powder Spray to see your impact point – it wipes off easily with a towel)

You can almost even skull them. Each of these 3 strikes checked on one bounce and/or spun back on ~50 yard pitches

For a 50-yard pitch, I believe the dynamic…

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