By Tom Wishon

Member Question:


Any thoughts on steel vs graphite for my Sterling Irons single length irons?

Jeff F

Tom Wishon’s Answer:

There are two primary decision making factors for choosing between graphite and steel.

First is the major effect that shaft weight has on the total weight of the clubs.

While there are steel shafts that weigh as little as 75-85 grams, the clear majority of steel shafts weigh around 110 to 125 grams. And while there are some graphite shaft models as heavy as 125 grams, the whole reason graphite was developed as a shaft material was to reduce the weight of the shaft.

So most graphite shafts for irons weigh in the range from 85 grams down to 50 grams, with most being in the area of 75 grams.

Shaft weight is the #1 controller for the total weight of the clubs. Total weight is what you feel when you just lift the clubs and feel the combined weight of the head + shaft + grip. When you waggle…

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