By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hi Jaacob,

How do you mesh the Basic Routine with the Weight Training routines you outlined: “Day 1, Upper, Day 2, Lower, Day 3 Off”….”Day 1 Chest, Day 2 Back, Day 3 Legs 1, Day 4 Shoulders, Day 5, Triceps/Biceps, Day 6 Legs 2”?

So on Monday I do the Basic + I do one of the various weight training plans, Tuesday–Basic (swing driver fast 30x) + I continue with one of the weight training plans?

And I guess lastly Jaacob, where on the site do you talk about “push exercises” and “pull exercises” that are listed on one of the weight training plans?

Best and thanks so much for personally answering all these Qs.

Rick R, Swing Man Golf Member

Jaacob’s Answer:

Push exercises would be things like chest flyes, triceps extensions, leg extensions, etc. Pull exercises could be lat pull downs, biceps curls, leg curls, etc. I don’t really have them split up like that on the site…more just listed on the weight training page. Although, that’s a good idea. Perhaps I could add push or pull to each one. But basically, it’s just another way of splitting up the body exercises to allow for rest and recovery.

As far as meshing things together, you previously mentioned you would be willing to work up to an hour a day on training at home with bands and four days a week.

So you could do something like this…

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