By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hello Jaacob,

In the past (10 years ago) I wasn’t short, but now at 60+ it is not the same.
But, playing with the same friend, for 30 years, he is a member of the team France in senior competition. If he hits a 7-iron, I know that I have a 6 to play.

But when he drives, he is 6o yards longer?!

My swing speed with an 8-iron is 80-88mph and with the driver it is 94 mph.

How do you explain?

Jaacob’s Answer:

It’s a bit difficult to tell for sure without seeing both you and your friend swing in person, but if your friend were only 1 club longer with his irons but is 60 yards longer with the driver, I would initially suspect either that you swing slower in general and de-loft your irons to lower the flight to get more distance…and/or that his driver launch conditions are better than yours. That is, for his swing speed, he launches his drives at a more optimal launch angle and spin rate.

Using the same driver, you could easily experience a 40-50 yard difference in driving distance by hitting down on the…

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