By Tom Wishon

MHI Golfer Question:

Is it alright to clean my irons with a brush?

I purchased one of those cleaning brushes (haven’t used it yet) that has 2 sides. One side is a nylon type brush, soft and the other head is like a wire brush. It also has a sharp pick on the end for cleaning out the grooves.

Love the Sterling Irons single length irons and just looking for advice on best way to make them last.

Tom’s Answer:

Never ever ever use any type of metal bristle brush on ANY clubhead. Ever.

Only nylon or plastic bristle brushes should be used.

And better yet would be just wash them with water and use a tee to scrape dirt from each groove, one at a time.

This way less friction is put on the glass bead blast surface of the face scoreline area.

And dry the back cavity…

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