By Paul Myers

Picking out a new golf driver can be an exciting – and expensive – process. Once you settle on the golf driver that will live in your bag for (hopefully) many seasons to come, you might want to add some new clubs around it to round out the set. While your irons certainly don’t have to match your driver in terms of brand or even color, you do want to make sure the rest of the clubs in your bag make sense within the context of a round of golf.

The type of golf driver you decide to use, and how you decide to use it on the course, can go a long way in determining what other kinds of clubs you might include in your set. Different golfers have different playing styles, and therefore different needs from their set of clubs. You can cost yourself shots simply by not having the right clubs available when you need them – so make sure you think carefully about the construction of your set before you head out to the course.

Do You Drive for Power, or Accuracy?

While many golfers build their drivers with sheer distance in mind, some are most concerned with control. The type of golf driver you have can determine what kind of fairway metal you might include in your set. For example, if you have a golf driver that is set up for sheer distance but doesn’t offer great accuracy, you may want to have a 3-wood in your bag that you can hit off of the tee on narrow holes. However, if you have a golf driver that you set up with the goal of hitting as many fairways as possible, you can go with a higher lofted 3-wood that can help you reach par fives in two shots. Also, once you determine what kind of 3-wood is best suited for your set, you can then pick out a hybrid club that fits in logically between that 3-wood and your longest iron.

Plenty of Wedges if You Are a Bomber

So you are able to launch your driver down the fairway and leave yourself plenty of short shots into the green? Better have enough wedges in your bag to deal with all those short approaches. Make sure you have wedges that cover all of the distances you are likely to encounter on your second shot into par fours – 80-100 yards, 100-120, and 120-140. With a powerful swing at your disposal, you might not find much need for having a three iron in your bag, so you could dump it in exchange for an extra wedge. It doesn’t make sense to play an aggressive style of golf if you aren’t going to have the right clubs in your bag to handle the situations you are putting your ball in.

The golf driver is just one of fourteen clubs in your bag, but it can have a major impact on the construction of your set as a whole. Figure out what style of game you are going to be playing with your new golf driver, and then organize the rest of your clubs in a logical fashion to make sure the right clubs are available to you more often than not.


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