By Paul Myers

If you had to guess names that you would find in the top ten of the PGA Tour swing speed statistic for 2014, names like Bubba, Rory, and Dustin would likely come to the top of your mind first. However, there are some lesser-known players that are to be found in these rankings, and Jason Kokrak is one of those names. While he might not be as prominent as some of the other players on the list, his power is just as real. Currently ranked 9th in swing speed for the 2014 season, Kokrak has plenty of power to use when he competes with the best golfers in the world.

The Numbers                 

So far in 2014, Jason Kokrak has averaged an impressive 120.57 MPH swing speed off the tee with his driver. When you look a little closer into the numbers, you notice that his power is more consistent than some of the other players high on the list. The difference between his slowest and fastest swings is just six MPH, indicating that he uses a fairly consistent amount of power drive after drive. Power is even more useful when you can rely on it every hole, and this is certainly a trait that has helped Jason Kokrak to reach the highest level of golf.

The Swing

When looking for one word to describe the golf swing of Jason Kokrak, some say it would be extension. Kokrak is a large man, listed at 6’4’’ and 225 pounds. He uses a good bit bit of that large frame to generate power. He keeps his backswing wide and gives the club plenty of room to gather speed. Once he is loaded at the top of the backswing, there seems to be no hold on coming down. He is able to release the club relatively aggressively, taking advantage of all that he built in the earlier stages of the swing.

To take something away from Jason Kokrak’s swing that you can apply to your own game, look at the commitment that seems to be present in each swing. As the club is coming down into the ball, all of the possible speed is unleashed and distance is maximized. Some amateur golfers struggle with confidence, and they slow down the club head through impact possibly because they are worried about the club not being square or the path not being correct. Regardless of any mistakes that have been made during the swing, the club should always be swung with confidence and controlled aggression.

For Jason Kokrak, the power that he has displayed on the Tour is yet to turn into a win at the highest level. However, simply carving out a spot on the PGA Tour is an accomplishment in and of itself, and he is still 29 years old, likely with plenty of golf left ahead of him. If he is able to establish the rest of his game to the level of his driving prowess, his results could take a step up to another level.

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