By Paul Myers

Recently, Jhonattan Vegas made a big splash on the PGA Tour with a relatively exciting style of play and a few impressive results in a short period of time. While he hasn’t been quite as prominent on leaderboards as of late, Vegas remains an exciting young player to watch with a beautiful combination of power and touch. At 6’3’’, Jhonattan Vegas is another of the large men who are having success in professional golf by bringing an athleticism and power that used to be reserved for other, more physical sports. Now in his 30s, Jhonattan Vegas has one PGA Tour win to his name and is certainly capable of more going forward.

Near the Top for Power

With an average swing speed of 121.74 for the 2014 PGA Tour season, Jhonattan Vegas is among the longest hitters in the game today. That average speed ranks him 6th on Tour, ahead of such prominent names as Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy. While Vegas obviously has not yet reached the level of success that those two names have found in the top events, he is right there is terms of the ability to launch the ball down the fairway.

Flat Swing for a Tall Man

Sometimes, you will see the taller players on the PGA Tour using more upright swings, with the flatter swings saved for the shorter guys. That is not the case with Jhonattan Vegas. He is uses a flatter backswing than you might expect for a player as tall as he is, and yet it is obviously highly effective. With his flatter backswing, he uses his body to turn the club through the downswing, without as much work from the arms. He does this with consistency and repeatability.

Jhonattan Vegas sets a relatively good example with his swing for players of all heights. Some amateur golfers could be well served to go to a flatter backswing. If you want to go flatter, work on making a swing that goes more around your body and less up and down to see which way you hit the ball better.

For Jhonattan Vegas, he will need both his power and the rest of his game to provide the consistency it takes to return to the form he had just a few years ago. The good news is that his age, there is plenty of time for Vegas to iron out the kinks in his game and rise even closer to the top of the professional golf world. Power isn’t everything in pro golf, but it certainly helps to have as much of it as you can. Jhonattan Vegas has power to spare, so bringing together the other parts of the game could be key to his future success.

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