By Paul Myers

If you read about golf online, or watch golf on TV, you have probably seen plenty of ads for golf training aids. They are everywhere in the golf market, and some of them can actually be quite useful – others, not so much. Golf training aids run the spectrum from high-quality, well-designed products, to cheap items that are just meant to make a quick buck for the business – not help you get better at golf.

When you are considering buying a new training aid to help with your game, there are some questions that you should ask yourself before making the purchase. Following are three such questions – ask yourself each of these before you buy your next training aid.

Question #1 – What is it going to fix?

This should probably always be a question to consider, yet it is one that many golfers forget to ask when they fall in love with the latest and greatest training aid on the market. If a product isn’t going to fix a specific problem in your swing, than what good is it to you? That isn’t to say anything bad about the product – it could be well-designed and made to a high standard. But if it is designed to fix a swing flaw that you don’t have, why would you use it?

For example, there are many training aids available that try to solve the slice. Some of them are rather useful. But if you don’t fight a slice, they are probably of no use to you at all. Make sure you are thinking about your own game first, then look for a golf training aid that is designed to fix your problems – not the other way around.

Question #2 – Is this a good use of my ‘golf money’?

Many golfers have a certain amount of money in their budget set aside for golf purposes. Between paying for greens fees, buying clubs and other equipment, and practicing, golf can be an expensive sport. So you have to ask yourself, ‘is this a good use of my golf budget?’. Of course, that depends on your personal budget, and the cost of the training aid. These kinds of products can run from just a few bucks up into the hundreds. How much you can afford is up to you, but think that part through before making the purchase. Also, money that is used on a training aid could also be used to pay for golf lessons with a professional, so weigh that option as well.

Question #3 – Do I have the right place to use it?

Make sure that you will be able to properly use the training aid frequently enough to make it worthwhile. If it is a product that has to be used at the driving range, do you get out to practice enough to take advantage of it? Some golf training aids are meant for home use, which may be a better choice if you aren’t at the driving range very often. Consider the amount of time you will be able to practice with your new training aid before you decide that it is the right product to help take your game to the next level.

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