By Paul Myers

Where some golf companies focus on a single segment of the large golf market, TaylorMade has ambitiously targeted a majority of that market, and won over broad-scale appeal in the process. There are golfers of all ability levels that swear by TaylorMade golf clubs, from total beginners on up to many of the best players in the world. Thanks to an incredibly diverse product line, there seems to be a TaylorMade club that is well-suited for almost any caliber of golfer.

TaylorMade isn’t afraid to take chances with their golf clubs and their designs, as evidenced by the new colors and shapes they have introduced over the years. They were also on the leading edge of the moveable weight technology in drivers, as well as other customizable features that are now almost standard. From their popular drivers and fairway metals to their great looking iron sets and innovative putters, TaylorMade is a company that offers quality products throughout the bag.

Rapid Development and Marketing

If you don’t pay attention, you can miss a new TaylorMade driver coming onto the market. TaylorMade might offer more new models than any other company, which means there is always something new to try and to test out for yourself. This is one advantage of choosing to use TaylorMade as your go to club maker because you will always have plenty of options at your disposal. With other brands, good or bad you may be left with only one design for a year or more – that is not usually the case with TaylorMade golf clubs.

Large Tour Presence

The next time you watch golf on television, keep a close eye on the driver that each player pulls out of his or her bag on the tee. There is a good chance that you will see more TaylorMade drivers than any other brand. Of course, many of these players are sponsored by TaylorMade, but that alone doesn’t account for the widespread appeal. Most of the players are able to pick from several companies that they wish to have sponsor them, and while money can be a factor, the decision is sometimes based on which clubs will perform the best when it counts. It is telling that so many pro golfers choose to put TaylorMade drivers in their bag.

A Range of Options

Often when you are looking for clubs that are used by top professionals, you are going to have to spend big bucks to get them in your own bag. With TaylorMade, you will have a range of prices to consider when shopping for your own clubs. Sure, there are some premium TaylorMade options that come in at the top of the price scale for golf equipment, but there are also some more-moderate choices that allow you to play the trusted TaylorMade brand without breaking the bank. If you are a golfer that wants to keep brand consistency throughout your set of clubs, having so many options within one brand is a great thing.

Between their impressive presence on Tour and their immense popularity among amateur golfers, TaylorMade looks to remain a prominent figure in the golf equipment world for years to come. When you are shopping for any kind of new addition to your golf bag, make sure that TaylorMade golf clubs are high on your list to try out for yourself.

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