By Paul Myers

The ability to spin the ball is one that opens up many possibilities on the course. When you are able to load up your iron shots with plenty of backspin, it means you can stop the ball quicker on the greens – and maybe even get it to roll back toward the hole. When that happens, suddenly you can be more aggressive with your approach shots and try to get the ball in tighter to the hole even when it is cut near the edge of the green. It should be no surprise that the ability of a good golf ball spin is one that every professional player has in his bag.

There are plenty of misconceptions out there about the right way of the golf ball spin, and what really is responsible for getting spin on your shots. In reality, spin is a pretty simple equation. When you are able to make optimal contact using a ball that is designed to spin, a good spin rate should result. Generally, the faster your club head speed is through impact, the more spin you will be capable of generating.

Using the following three tips should help you improve your golf ball spin and stop the ball quicker than ever when it lands on the green.

Tip #1 – Sweep the Ball

Thanks to recent advances in technology, we’ve been able to learn a lot about impact. Due in part to a concept called vertical gear affect, spin is generally higher when you hit the ball slightly low of center on the club face. So for your pitch shots, try to pick the ball. Not only will it minimize the fat shots, but you’ll also get a bit more spin.

Tip #2 – Clean Grooves

This is not a mechanical tip, but rather an equipment one. If you are playing with dirty grooves, your club will have a tough time gripping the cover of the ball and generating golf ball spin. Basically, there’s less friction. Take a moment to clean out your grooves after you hit each shot and you won’t have to worry about the club being dirty the next time you pull it out of the bag. All it should take to get the grooves clean is a damp towel that you scrub over the face of the club, or you can even use a tee to clean out the grooves if they are extra dirty.

Tip #3 – Accelerate Through the Shot

Some amateur golfers get timid at impact and allow the club to slow down at it hits the ball. Instead, you want to be confidently accelerating through impact and making sure that the club tears right through the ball. No matter what you are worried about while making your swing – pressure, water hazard, bunker, etc. – you need to put it aside and swing confidently. A scared swing will rarely achieve the results you are looking for, so go for it and let your talent come through and produce the swing that you know you are capable of making.

It isn’t necessary to spin the ball backward on the green to demonstrate how much spin you can create. Rather, in many cases, the best scenario is one where the ball lands on the green and quickly stops near to where it landed. This amount of spin may offer you the best chance to get it close to the hole time after time.

By using the three tips above, you can be on your way to improved golf ball spin and have more chances to make birdie.

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