By Paul Myers

There is a lot a 7 iron can do. It is a short enough club that it can be used to attack the flag and set up some birdie chances – and it can also hit the ball long enough to layup on par fives and even conquer some difficult par threes. Additionally, getting out of the woods or other trouble spots is often best handled with the versatile 7 iron. If you are a new golfer, it could be wise to get very comfortable hitting your 7 iron in a variety of circumstances, as you may find it needed more than almost any other club in the bag (besides the driver and putter).

Dial in Your 7 Iron Distance

Knowing as close as possible to the specific number how far you hit your 7 iron on a full swing is valuable information to have as a golfer. To get you started, figure out your swing speed when hitting your driver and then use a chart like this one to determine your approximate distance. For example, a golfer who is able to swing their driver at 100 MPH should be able to hit a 7 iron right around 154 yards. That is not a hard and fast rule so much as an estimate to start with. You should be paying close attention to how far the ball travels on the course when you hit a 7 iron, so you can update your yardages as you go until you are confident that they are accurate.

Low Enough and High Enough

The reason that your 7 iron can be such a useful club for pitching out of trouble is that it has sufficient loft for the job in many cases. When you find your ball deep into the trees, you need a club that can get the ball off the ground quickly – but still keep it below any branches that are hanging down. Sometimes, the 7 iron is the perfect choice. Practice hitting some pitch shots with your 7 iron to get a feel for what trajectories you can product and how far the ball will fly.

It’s All About Accuracy

When you get to this point in your set of clubs, your focus should probably be off of power and completely onto improving your accuracy. You don’t need to swing as hard as possible to force your 7 iron to travel a few extra yards – that likely won’t do you any good. Instead, work on hitting your 7 iron as straight and as consistent as possible to get the ball close to the hole. You aren’t going to impress anyone with your 7 iron distance, but you can impress them by sticking the ball right next to the hole for a tap in birdie.

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