By Paul Myers

Proper equipment has a lot to do with success in golf. While golf clubs are never going to be able to hit the shots for you, it is important to have the right golf clubs that match your swing and are able to produce the ball flights that you are looking for. Some golfers try to find the clubs that they can hit the farthest, while others focus on accuracy first. Perhaps the best way to build a set of clubs is to pay attention to both of those characteristics and find clubs that offer you the best combination of the two.

Have Two Options Off the Tee

Picking out a driver can be the most exciting part of the equipment buying process, because it is the club that can offer the biggest thrill when it is pulled from the bag. However, you want to make sure that while you are figuring out how to maximize distance with your driver that you also have a club which is suited for hitting fairways as well. Outside of having something like a second driver (one for distance and one for accuracy), a popular, and successful, strategy is to pick out a three wood that is well-suited for use off the tee to act as a ‘second driver’. When you reach any par four or par five hole, you simply decide which is best suited for the layout of the hole and use it to hit your tee shot.

Short Irons are All About Control

A main concern to have for scoring when setting up your short irons is to make sure they are easy to control and offer good feel. It doesn’t matter as much how far you are able to hit your short clubs, as long as you can control them and generate the ball flights that you are looking for. Before you purchase any set of irons, find a golf shop that will allow you to try them out first so you can learn how they feel for yourself. Don’t rely simply on the opinions or reviews of others, as feel is something that will vary from player to player.

Blend Your Hybrid Clubs and Long Irons

Depending on your skill level and club head speed, you may wish to swap out some of your long irons in exchange for some hybrid clubs. This is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong answer to how many of each you carry in the bag. Hybrid clubs can hit the ball higher and be great for long par threes and reaching par fives in two shots, but long irons are sometimes easier to control and can be great off the tee on short par fours. Experiment with both options and settle on the choice that you are most confident in when you stand over the ball.

Ideally, with any of the above mentioned situations, you’ll go through an entire fitting with a custom club fitter. It’s like wearing the right size shoe. Your performance will be much better wearing the right size as opposed to something that is a couple sizes to big or small.

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