By Paul Myers

The competition to sell golf drivers on the market today has never been more competitive, and golfers have an amazing selection of excellent clubs to pick from. If you are in the market for a new driver to put into your golf bag for your next round, you won’t lack for options. In fact, the overwhelming number of drivers available makes it somewhat hard to narrow down the list and pick one that is just right for your game.

This article is designed to make the driver shopping process just a little bit easier. Use the steps below to work your way through the many great golf drivers on the market and pick out the one that will find its way into your bag.

Step One – Set a Budget

Let’s face it – budget plays a role in every shopping decision that we make. Very few people have the kind of wealth where budget isn’t a concern, so the first thing you should decide is how much you want to spend on your new club. The size of your budget will dictate what kind of drivers you can shop for, so it is a logical first step. A brand new driver from one of the top manufacturers in the business can run anywhere from $300 – $500 or more, so this is certainly a buying decision that is worth thinking through carefully.

Step Two – New or Used?

With your budget in hand, you can decide if you want to shop for a new or used driver. If you have a lower budget, such as between $100 and $200, but still want a name-brand driver, the used direction is going to be your best bet. If your budget falls in that range but you would rather have a new club, you are going to need to look to off-name brands in order to find the right deal.

When shopping for used clubs, you can try your local golf shop as well as online. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a used club, just make sure it is in good condition at the time of purchase – especially the club face. If you see signs of cracking or stress on the club face, you would be wise to move on to another option.

Step Three – Testing

Even if you are going to purchase your driver online, you would be smart to find somewhere near your home to test out the club for yourself. You never know if you will like a club, or if it will be a good fit for your swing, until you try it out. Most golf shops offer the opportunity to demo drivers either on a driving range or out on a course. Try to narrow down your possible options to a few different models and try them all so you can compare one against another. Only when you have tried a few different golf drivers can you be sure that you have done enough homework to pick out the right one for you.

Step Four – Making the Purchase

With all of your research and homework complete, the only thing left to do is find a good deal on your new driver. Be sure to check around with all of the prominent golf retail websites, as well as your local golf shops (if you are buying a new club). There is no ‘right’ place to buy from – just go with whatever retailer you feel comfortable with, and is willing to give you a good price.

Once the purchase of your new golf driver is made and the club is in the bag, the only thing that is left to do is start hitting your drives down the middle of the fairway!

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