Age:                                        29

Height:                                  6’2″

Weight:                                 215lbs

Driver Specs:

3degree Mutant 2.0
HOF Platinum and Force (XXX)


Mutant Golf
Titleist (standard clubs)
Druh Belts

Special Accomplishments:

2008 WLDC Runner up

What is your longest drive in competition?

465 yards

What were the conditions of the drive?

Pretoria South Africa, Remax tournament, 3-5mph downwind and off the left. Kikuyu fairway.

What are the fastest swing speeds you’ve recorded on a Swing Speed Radar and/or Trackman?

148 mph (2008 SA champs)

What lead you to choose your particular equipment specifications?

Mutant Golf gave me a few heads to try and they felt great. Looks like a playing driver with square features so I can read the face better. I’ve been a HOF fan for a long time, great shafts.

Do you favor a particular shot shape to hit it long?

Depending on conditions it will differ. I naturally hit a draw but if the situation calls for a different shot I can change. I hit the ball pretty high so most times hitting a draw helps with some run. If the wind is blowing from the left however it’s useless to try and fight the wind with a draw and that’s when I’ll make an adjustment.

Do you use any training aids to work on your speed and power?

I don’t use any training aid that much. I’m also not one of the fastest swing speeds out there so my training on the range will be 90% irons. Since I played a lot of tournament golf when I was younger I like focusing more on rhythm and tempo to help me gain yards which hitting a lot of irons definitely helps with.

Do you use any other types of training to drive it further?

I’m addicted to weight training which doesn’t always help with my golf swing. Stretching (especially glutes and hamstrings) and core work luckily does help with my swing I’ve noticed so I’ll make sure to spend some time on that.

Is there any particular bit of advice you would give the regular amateur for him or her to hit the ball longer?

The best advice I’ve ever received is you’re hitting…

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