By Adam Young

If you are like most golfers, your practice routine is the same and a bit too…. routine.

Let’s look at some alternative methods of practice that you can try to spice up your range sessions.


Most golfers get a huge bucket of balls, put an alignment stick down for their feet, and proceed to bash each ball towards a singular target.

While this can serve a purpose, it might not be the most productive form. Typically, I would advocate this form of practice to a student if they are in the early stages of changing a movement pattern and are at 30% success rate or lower. It serves its purpose to build strength and conditioning for the new movement, and can also help build confidence.

However, this form of practice has also been shown to not retain for long, or transfer to the golf course well. This is because it misses many of the elements of what actually creates a good golfer.


Broken practice is a step…

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