by Jaacob Bowden

I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a custom club fitters shop and watched him customize and fit clubs, but I’ve never actually got to do any of it myself until last week.

I have a set of 1irons that I’ve really enjoyed, but I shelfed them in January since the shafts were too flexible for me and they weren’t oriented in the most stable position. Since then I’ve been playing some Wishon 555Cs and Vega wedges.

However, recently my friend Ric Moore sent me some new Jumbo Chamois grips and some True Temper Dynamic Gold SL X-100s with the spines marked.  I also got some Sensicore inserts to put down the new shafts to dampen vibration and make it easier on my joints.

I took all the new stuff over to a local Swiss shop, and my friend Adam let me do a lot of the tweaks with him.  We pulled the old 1iron shafts out, cleaned them up, reglued them, let them dry, put the Sensicore inserts in, cut the shafts and put the new grips on.  Then we checked all the loft and lie angles to make sure they were right (amazingly the lies were spot on…and the lofts were good too except for 3 clubs being 1/2 degree off and 1 club being one degree off).

Now I’m all ready to put the 1iron irons back in play…and I’ll use the Wishon 555Cs as a backup set.  😎

It was a fun way to spend a couple of afternoons.  🙂

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