By Paul Myers

As golfers, we all want to hit the ball farther. A big part of that is the golf swing speed. But not only can longer drives lead to lower scores, they are just plain fun to hit. Once you start adding distance to your drives, it can become addicting, and you might find yourself in search of more and more power until you are the longest hitter in your group. As long as you can control the power and still hit most of the fairways, you should see great improvements in your golf game just by hitting it farther off the tee.

Of course, hitting it farther is easier said than done. Real improvement usually takes time and commitment to improving your physical conditioning, swing technique, and more. Only once you have put in the time and dedicated yourself to getting better will you be able to launch the ball farther down the fairway.

With that said, there are some items on the market today that can help you work on your golf swing speed and add more power to your game. Don’t expect to start hitting the ball 30 yards farther the very next day, but you might be able to see small improvements quickly when you put some of these products to work for you.

Golf Swing Speed Training Aids to Consider

Momentus Speed Whoosh – This device is meant to swing much faster than your regular driver – as much as 20 MPH faster – so you can ready your muscles for a faster swing with your regular club. The Magnetic Timing Ball on the shaft is meant to improve the timing of your release through the shot so you can maximize your distance by using up all of that energy at just the right moment.

The Speed Stik – Not only does The Speed Stik provide you with a way to exercise your golf muscles and improve them for when you use your regular club, but it also measures your golf swing speed so you can chart your progress. This product is available in four different weights so you can purchase the one that is just right for your size and strength.

The Powerchute Golf Swing Speed Trainer – Acting like a parachute to collect air and add resistance to your swing, the Powerchute forces your swing to work in the most-efficient manner possible to move the club through the swinging area. By using this product on a regular basis, you may be able to build-up the muscles used in the golf swing and improve the golf swing speed with your everyday driver.

Momentus Power Hitter – This is a weighted club that you can actually hit balls with if you would like. Being able to make normal swings with this product provides the opportunity to work all of your golf-related muscles and then make an easy transition back to your usual clubs.

Orange Whip Trainer – This training aid not only provides a workout for your golf muscles, but it also can help with the timing and rhythm in your swing thanks to the highly flexible shaft that is attached to the orange ball at the end of the product. Making swings with this product on a regular basis can help strength, tempo, and timing.


There are five training aids listed above which can all serve to help you increase your golf swing speed, and possibly other aspects of your swing as well. While these are some of the most popular products on the market, they are far from the only ones and you are likely to come across many others while you are looking for the right one to improve your game.

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